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West Early Learners Academy

West Elementary will become the West Early Learners Academy and serve all WSISD pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students beginning with the 2024-25 school year. 

The school will provide our youngest learners with a solid foundation in early literacy and math and visually stimulate learning for our students. 

The West Early Learners Academy will give every child the opportunity to explore scenes and places beyond the school walls and White Settlement ISD community. 

The walls and ceilings will pop with scenery like mountains, waterfalls, forests and animals throughout the world.  The school will offer a city system that includes a bank, store, hospital, restaurant and much more. 

Meet Principal Chelsea LaPlante and learn more about the new West Early Learners Academy. Enroll today for the 2024-25 school year, secure your child's spot, and snag a free t-shirt when you complete registration!

Through engaging lessons and family engagement, WSISD's youngest learners will excel and become the future leaders of tomorrow.


West team members received numerous innovative teaching grants this year to provide a variety of hands-on, engaging lessons for students, Dramatic play kits that include a grocery store, doctor's office, post office, salon, bakery, fire station and vet clinic include props, costumes, and other lifelike items that help spark the imaginations of our young students. 

With the Immersive Experiences-Our Earth and Living Things grant, our youngest bears will explore plants, animals, insects, weather, and the Earth without ever leaving the classroom!

Pre-kindergartners read books about space
immersive experiences
Pre-K students learn measuring and capacity
westway wiggles
fine arts festival performance2
stem bins
fine arts festival performance
foundations through dramatic play

Students will explore the world behind the walls of West Early Learners Academy

Cave Wall

Cave Wall


Water Fall

Reading Cubbies

West Early Learners Academy Bear Cave

New West Early Learners Academy

West Schematics

Expanded cafeteria for family engagement and performances

Expanded Cafeteria

Slides for our active learners